Case 1

The I-70 Strangler

Episodes 1 + 2

By the mid-1990s, the Indianapolis Police and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department knew they had a problem. Gay men from the area surrounding Indianapolis, all matching a similar physical description, age, height and weight, were disappearing. 10 had disappeared in the previous two years beginning in the spring of 1993.

Case 2

The Genesee River Killer

Episodes 3 + 4

There’s no denying that Arthur Shawcross was a real-life monster; however, there are a few unique details surrounding this case that somehow make his horrific crimes feel even more despicable and senseless than other serial killings you’ve read about.

Case 3

The Creepy Neighbor

Episodes 5 + 6

Stephen McDaniel had a crush on his next door neighbor. But this isn’t a love story. 

Case 4

The Meanest Man In America

Episodes 7 + 8

Pee Wee Gaskin’s killing spree lasted from 1953 to 1982. And while he was convicted of just 9 murders, Gaskins bragged about the 80 to 110 additional notches on his belt.

Case 5

The Candy Man

Episodes 9 + 10

Dean Corll lured youngs boys to his house with the promise of drugs and a party. None ever left again. But he also had accomplices.